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About us

Our main office are located in Auckland, New Zealand, however we are very proud to have an incredible and diverse team that covers 5 continents.
We have worked with some of the world's most relevant wine producers for over 15 years, and we know of the enormous information asymmetry pains. We believe Winesfere can address this issue, and at the same time, touch people's lives by democratizing global trade information.
The Winesfere brand incorporates the Italian word Sfere which translates into sphere. When developing this new solution, we could not think of a better concept to be central to our brand, as we were not only trying to provide an improvement to a mostly unidimensional perspective, but a truly powerful spherical view on trade – 360° in all directions!


We believe we can touch people’s lives by democratising global trade information.
A value chain that has better understanding is more competitive and sustainable, and ultimately not only benefits consumers with better products at better prices, but also contributes to societies around the world in general.


We integrate a wide variety of curated and validated big data inputs so anyone involved in trade can create engaging and easily understandable intelligence at accessible prices.
Our work is based on our commitment and passion for doing our small part to have a fairer world, and is supported by a robust, cutting edge and secure technological stack, managed by a talented flexible and inclusive global team.


We provide a customizable, engaging and very easy to use global wine trade performance and insight building online platform, that includes economic, demographic and wider alcoholic category monitoring for broader environment understanding.

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