Want better results in your International Trade of Wine?

Business Intelligence


Easily Visualize and Monitor Opportunities

and Threats for your International Trade

We've worked with wine supply chain for 20 years, and we know of the enormous information asymmetry pains, especially around the complexities of a global market. With Winesfere easily identify what is happening in your main markets, in other wine producing countries, and see where the next "blue ocean" market might lay.

Atractive, Intuitive and

Easy View of Data

Forget spreadsheets, data cleaning, disconnected perspectives and complex software to try to decipher the complexities related to international trade. Through a control panel and cards structure, we deliver the data ready to be interpreted. There is no one better than you to decide what and how much information to see.

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Share perspectives with your

Share perspectives
with your team and

Regardless of whether you are in your organization’s management, in a commercial, finance or production area, here, everyone will be able to generate and share their perspectives. Winesfere is a space that stimulates fruitful interdisciplinary conversations and contributes towards your Digital Transformation efforts.

You decide What and

How you want to see Information

With a just a few clicks, select, duplicate, edit, group and change the order of the information Cards, configuring views of what you are interested in monitoring from your desktop or your mobile while traveling around the world.

You decide What and

4 modules, 3 perspectives and

Unlimited points of view

Winesfere has 4 modules; 3 of them offer you information of interest from different perspectives that come together, in a powerful space for personal or collaborative use, completely customizable, providing you and your team with powerful analysis capabilities.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Peter Drucker


Easy to use information

Digital Transformation requires everyone to start leveraging data… not only data analysts. Winesfere provides easy views of information in 360 degrees that everyone can use.

Curated Global Information

We are constanly verifying the information provided by the thousands of sources we use; we cross it with data from other providers, and reavaluting which sources are the best.

Periodically Updated Data

We are constantly updating the information we obtain from our sources, as the first releases many times are provisional and subject to later definitive releases.

Integrated Big Data Views

Through complex Big Data processes we deliver information that has been standardized and normalized in order to provide actionable visualization.

Intuitive & Easy to Use Platform

Forget about complex analysis and business intelligence software; we've done the work so you can focus in determining how the information presented affects your business.

Available Anywhere 24/7

Our platform provides you with access whenever and where ever your need, either on your desktop or your mobile while travelling.

Robust & Secure Systems

Security of information is paramount for us for which our systems incorporate the most up to date tools with highest industry standards.


Incredible pricing for a wealth of Information at your fingertips

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Subscribe Aditional Users

Additional Users can be subscribed with access to all modules and Worksfere Starter at US$35 p/m per user and Worksfere Premium at US$45 p/m per user. Team Spaces and their Admin can be created at US$49 per Team p/m

  • Team spaces are designed so an organization can establish specific Market (Asia, North America, etc) or Internal function (Sales, Marketing, Board, etc) views to share perspectives amongst their subscribed users
  • Worksfere includes up to 20 Cards per Tab. Worksfere Starter includes 1 Tab / Worksfere Premium includes 10 Tabs.

Winesfere will contribute 1% of your purchase to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.